Couples of SOS Estates

A humorous view of God's

grace at work in Christian marriage


    David Jeremiah's video study of the Old Testament book "Song of Solomon" deals with the grace which God extends to couples in Christian marriage. It is a pretty long study and to help focus each of the ten study sessions there is a short video of marriage encounters with the couples of SOS Estates. While the actual bible study can be purchased at:,    
    these humouous views of God's grace at work in Christian marriage are now available on YouTube.    

Webisode 1 – Married how long?


Webisode 2 – Giving compliments.


Webisode 3 – How did you fall in love?


Webisode 4 – A perfect mate in marriage?


Webisode 5 – Marital security.


Webisode 6 – Remembering the wedding day.


Webisode 7 – Honeymooned where?


Webisode 8 – Rekindle the fire?


Webisode 9 – Escape together?


Webisode 10 – Changed over time?


Gus and Glady’s Fruitcake Adventure


Gus and Gladys go Christmas Shopping