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This page is a resource that we use for Christian bible study. We have developed some of the information on this page and we have borrowed information from other studies which are freely available. Our intent is to provide a study resource that we can access when traveling. We do not disagree with anyone's personal interpretation of scripture and our thoughts are not offered as an argument for the perspective from our understanding of this revelation. Please feel free to read or use the study material if it is of help. Thank you - Love, Peace and Joy

Hebrew Studies - Lesson #8 - Appointed Feasts (or the word Festival is also appropriate)

There are a total of nine feasts on the Jewish calendar. In this study we will review seven - those are the appointed feasts which God defined in the Old Testament book: Leviticus. Each, in its own way, provides a prophetical vision of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. We will not consider the other two feasts in this study, but will probably take them up as a study at a later time, they are: Purim (Feast of Lots) and Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication). As we consider these seven appointed feasts, it's important to keep in mind that the Jewish day begins at sunset. The Jewish calendar has had adjustments over the centuries, however it's primary purpose is to keep these seven feasts in their originally appointed season. In the Old Testament Jewish calendar, the months are determined by the moon and the year by the sun; every thrid year is a leap year. The beginning of each month is determined by the beginning of the new moon - termed in Hebrew: Rosh Hodesh. The scriptural references for the new moon are found in Numbers chapter 10 verse 10 and also Psalm 81 verse 3. The Jewish year is calculated by adding 3761 to our current year, e.g. 2014 + 3761  =  5775. We will also consider the Shemittah (also spelled Shemitah) and Year of Jubilee however first an overview for the feasts designated by God in the Torah as they apply to our Lord, Jesus Christ and His church.





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