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Peace, Joy + Love to All

This is the picture story of our fabric building. We built it not too long after the turn of the century as a resource for the use of our dog agility equipment. At that time, Sandy was running Taffy and Curley Sue was just a puppy with Molly. We looked at many products and finally chose a building that was 40 feet wide and 100 feet long. We had a special area leveled and actually had to move two power line poles to get the electrical service primaries which go to our property away from this area. Sandy and I were able to construct the building with help from her Dad, Sam, and Brother, Mike. We used this barn for dog agility practice for three to four years. In the winter of 2006 - 2007, an ice storm caused the building to fail and collapse. We were both outside plowing snow when it happened. In less than five seconds the entire 100 foot length collapsed with just the sound of exhausted air from the end doorways. We thank and praise God that we were not hurt as we could have just as well been in the barn as plowing snow. The entire dome bent into a giant "M" and fortunately all our agility equipment was spared any real damage because they were in the raised areas of the "M". Our RV was in storage in the fabric building and five arches were bent around the entire vehicle like fingers. We spent the better part of 2007 clearing the fabric barn from the building site. Then we increased the size of the building site somewhat and built our current 60 feet wide and 120 feet long metal pole building which we use now for dog agility practice. We remember our fabric building with great fondness. We called it the TaffyDome and this is where Curley Sue and Sandy practiced initially. It was a wonderful resource in which we had a lot of fun.











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