A Llama Tale - Book I - Adventure's of Sandy and her llama, Moche

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A Llama Tale - Book II

The Secret of the Uliaks

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I wrote this adventure tale (Book 1) in1987 or 1988. Our breeding herd was well started and we had been trailing in the northeast woods with llamas for three or four years. My intent was to profile llamas in an adventure story.

At that time, there were not a lot of llama resources in print so we had "starter information" printed for folks who would purchase llama stock and we would give this story to families with young people if they were interested.

Over the years, we have never had anyone voice a concern on content. There is no violence, but there are chase scenes. When I pulled out the files for this posting, I noticed that I had completed about five chapters of a second adventure with Moche in the time frame of 1990. A few other similar projects were also started over the years. We have had quite a few different printings of the Moche adventures. The last few were illustrated with old woodcuts; a few have been added to this online version. Hope you have fun. Jim/2011


A Llama Tale - Book I    -  Adventure's of a girl and her llama, Moche

A Llama Tale - Book II  -  The Secret of the Uliaks

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