Name of God


This page is a resource that we use for Christian bible study. We have developed some of the information on this page and we have borrowed information from other studies which are freely available. Our intent is to provide a study resource that we can access when traveling. We do not disagree with anyone's personal interpretation of scripture and our thoughts are not offered as an argument for the perspective from our understanding of this revelation. Please feel free to read or use the study material if it is of help. Thank you



Before Jesus was born, God made very sure that His name would be Jesus. This is God’s revealed name in our new covenant which Jesus brought to us. Jesus in Hebrew is Yeshua. This name Yeshua is a combination of two Hebrew words: YA (an abbreviation for YHVH) and SHUWAH which means salvation. Yeshua means "YHVH is my Salvation," or "YHVH has become my Salvation." 



God’s name YHVH (pronounced, in English, as "Yahweh") is found in 6,824 verses of the Old Testament. While this name is translated “Lord” it is actually the third-person singular tense of the Hebrew word HAVA which is more appropriately translated: “HE IS”.

God, at the burning bush (Exodus 3:14), identifies His name to Moses as "I AM". The Hebrew word here is EHVEH which is the first-person singular tense of the Hebrew word HAVA which is most appropriately translated: “I AM”.

The difference between the "I AM"  of EHVEH and the “HE IS" of YHWH is not a difference of name but rather a difference in personal reference between a first-person and third person.

From God’s perspective He is “I AM” (EHVEH) – while - from our perspective God is: “HE IS” (YHVH).



Elohim is the name of God that we find at the beginning of Genesis where this name of God actually describes His activity during the creation. Elohim, it is used 35 times in 35 verses at the beginning of Genesis.  This word is the plural form of eloah, perhaps best translated: God, the Creator. Elohim is used as a name for God 2,570 times in the Old Testament; most often associated with titles for God’s activity, like God: creator, sovern, judge, savior, comforter, etc.. Many times it is paired with YHVH to represent “Lord God”.



Adoni is used as a name for God about 300 times in the Old Testament.

In general, the Hebrew meaning represents a recognition of mastership or ownership. It is sometimes used with YHVH.



God first used El-Shaddai, as His name, when making His covenant with Abram.

EL is derived from Elohim and Shaddai is a Hebrew word which means “Almighty”, together: God Almighty.


Shelomoh is a Hebrew word which means God of Peace.

The Hebrew word Shalom (Peace) is derived from it and was considered, by the ancient Hebrews, as a name of God.


Zebaot is often found with YHVH and Elohim.

The Hebrew meaning for the word alone is Hosts. Th meaning with YHVH or Elohim: Lord or God of Heavenly Hosts.


This topic on the Names of God can become very detailed however for us the name of God that is revealed to us is Jesus or if you prefer Yeshua. God has elected, as the place for His Name, the heart and souls of  those who have faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior, that he was crucified by man and rose to life after three days and now resides at the right hand of God the Father as our intercessor and high priest making possible a continual flow of God's grace into our life. We are the Kingdom of Heaven because God has elected to place His Name (Jesus) in our heart and souls. For us, an understanding of these Names for God is useful when looking at the order in which they are introduced to us in the Old Testament. God is first Elohim, Creator, who has call us to our salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ; we become a new creation, a holy people, set aside for God's purpose. God is YHVH, Lord, because HE IS, because He has revealed Himself to us to enable our salvation. God is Adoni,our loving Master, who cares for all our needs on earth and has promised completeness when we cross-over to heaven. God is El-Shaddai, Almighty, who can protect and enable us to prosper, on earth, if we will trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ. God is Shelomoh, Peace, because there is no situation or event on earth in which we cannot find the Peace of God, if we will trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ.